Wednesday, June 18, 2014

If You Believe That The Crime Rate Is Dropping You Are Wrong!

For a long time “Archangels” has known that law enforcement agencies all over the country have been blatantly misreporting and understating the numbers of homicides, violent crimes, and serious offences occurring in their jurisdictions in order to claim that they are doing a great job at stopping crime.  However, their false reports and their claims of lower crime rates are nothing but male bovine excrement.  Our cities are not safer.  One has only to look at recent news reports from Florida, Illinois, Nevada, Wisconsin, and many other states, concerning departments that have been caught making these false crime statistical reports.  In Fact, Chicago Magazine has published a two part article in May and June 2014 clearly showing just how the Chicago Police Department as well as others falsely their crime rate statistics.  This has now become a national embarrassment.

Here’s how it is done.  Absolute provable murders are classified or as “Death by unknown means” or “Death by unspecified means.”  Detectives call the power to make crimes disappear by reclassification “magic ink.”  In just one case in Chicago a woman’s body was found apparently bound and gagged on a chair.  Circumstances and witness statements would make any legitimate opinion that the woman was murdered.  But the medical examiner claimed that he could not pinpoint the exact cause of death and then months later a lieutenant reclassified the case as a “non-criminal death investigation.”  And there are many other cases.  Homicides that have occurred on the freeway system that runs through the City of Chicago are completely dropped from any reporting by any agency as if they don’t exist.  Although not all cases are falsely reported there have been enough to lower the crime rate.  The FBI leaves the Uniform Crime Reporting to the local police which really means the departments police themselves.  And even if the FBI finds a problem they cannot impose any penalties.

Adding to the false reporting is the classifying of such crimes as robberies, home invasions, and burglaries as ”theft” serious assaults as “simple assaults” and stabbings have been sometimes reduced to “lacerations.”  All are un-reportable crimes after the unwarranted changes in the facts and indicators and as so are not reported in the national crime statistics.  Simply stated people have not been apprehended, or prosecuted, for committing the crimes they actually committed. And the police agencies give themselves “high fives” and claim they doing a wonderful job.  NOT!

QUESTIONS:  Are the crime rates really dropping?  Do the lower numbers reflect a lower crime rate?  Do you feel safer today than you did ten years ago?  Or twenty?  Do you always believe the police?  If you answered “yes” to any of these questions you may have a brown ring around your neck.

Monday, June 9, 2014

The Noose Tightens

On November 26, 2012 "Archangels" Ira Robins submitted an 1100 page affidavit along with 9 DVDs of suporting evidence requesting an FBI investigation into the wrongful death of 21 year old Michael Bell at the hands of several Kenosha Wisconsin police officers and a pattern and practice of dishonesty by numerous officers of  the entire department. The affidavits of "Archangels" associate Investigative Consultant Russell Beckman and Attorney Denise Hertz-McGrath were included as a major portion of Robins' affidavit.  Representitives of the Wisconsin Attorney General had refused to become involved in the matter pouring fourth the oder that they were attempting to cover-up the matter.  

Since the original submission Robins and Beckman have continued to barrage the Kenosha Police Department withrepeated public records request and Kenosha Police Chief William Morressey told the local TV news that all of the open records requests amounted to harrassment.  Robins replied on the same TV news item that he would continue to submit public records requests until the chief became honest or was harrassed to jail.  (See attached news link)

Today "Archangels" submitted additional public requests to the Kenosha Police Department and the Wiscon Attorney General's Office.  Russell Beckman sent the following email to one of the investigators involved in the case.

Hello Detective Schulman:

I am providing you with some information related to three public records requests that were filed today by Ira Robins.  The attachments are these requests.  The two requests to the Kenosha Police Department were both personally served earlier today by Ira Robins.  Mr.. Robins also mailed, via certified mail, the request to the Wisconsin Department of Justice earlier today.

Attachment "Records Request KPD 06.09.14"

According to both Ira Robins and Mike Bell, the November 9, 2004 squad car dash cam video of the encounter between Kenosha Police Officer Eric Strausbaugh and Michael Bell appears to have been altered.  After the shooting, there is audio on the video that appears to be a conversation between two unidentified Kenosha police officers.  One of the officers asked another officer what happened.  The audio then ends before the other officer can respond.  (Please note that I did not personally review this part of the video.  I am providing this information to you on information and belief.)  

Mr. Robins hopes to compare the squad video that he obtains by this request to the video that Mike Bell's attorney obtained in discovery for the federal civil rights case.   Since the suspected altered squad video was obtained several years ago and the officials who may have altered it may be retired, it may be difficult to keep the versions straight and a different version may be provided pursuant to this request.   There may also be an unaltered version of this important video on one of the servers that you possess or may intend to possess in the future as you continue with your investigation.

Also, related to this video, Ira Robins asked me to inform you that he would like to meet with you when you get time.  Mr. Robins would like to provide you with information that he possesses related to the death of Michael Bell that may be relevant to your investigation.  Mr. Robins can be contacted at (414)305-8832.

Attachment "Records Request KPD 06.09.14a"

This request seeks still photos and video from a police academy graduation on May 2, 2014 at the Gateway Technical College Kenosha Campus.  Kenosha Police Chief John Morrissey's son was part of the graduating class and the Chief gave the commencement address. According to a person who attending this ceremony, the Chief, in his address, identified Tony Barthuly, Director of the Training and Standards Bureau of the Wisconsin Department of Justice, as a dear friend and mentor.  Soon after the May 2, 2014 ceremony, photos of the Chief and Barthuly were posted on the Kenosha Police Department facebook page.  However, these photos and any mention of this ceremony have since been removed from that facebook page. 

Attachment "Records Request WIDOJ 06.09.14

As you know, I possess the Chief's cell phone records from early November 2012 to the late spring 2013.  These were obtained through previous public records requests related to the inquiry into the tasing of Keenan Smith.  At the request of Ira Robins, I used public information to attempt to identify the individuals of which the Chief both called and received calls.  I was able to identify the holders of about 80% of the numbers.  Mr. Robins wants to determine if Mr. Barthuly was one of the yet to be identified persons to whom the Chief spoke.  

Also, Mr. Robins also wants to determine if there was any correspondence, by any means, between the Chief and Mr. Barthuly during this time, that the Chief did not provide pursuant to previous public records requests.  Thus, any correspondence between Barthuly and the Chief is being sought from Barthuly.    (You may recall that I advised you that there may be emails and records that were altered and/or deleted before we obtained or could obtain them through our public records requests related to this matter.)

Additionally, in the summer of 2011, I went round and round with the Wisconsin Department of Justice when I requested that they conduct an investigation into the allegations that later became part of the federal complaint that was filed in November of 2012.  The Wisconsin Department of Justice refused to conduct an investigation into the serious allegations that I was making.  Several of these allegations were felonies that were possibly committed by high ranking Kenosha Police officials including the Chief of Police.  According to public sources, Barthuly was hired by the DOJ in August 2011.  Robins and I want to explore the possibility that Barthuly used his influence as a high ranking DOJ official to influence the DOJ decision to do nothing with this case.  

Please contact me if you have any questions or require additional information.

Best Regards, 

Russell Beckman

QUESTIONS: Can you believe that in over a year and a half  the governmnet has continued to allow the Kenosha Police to continue their misdeeds?  Are they going to correct the situation or not?  Did you know that rumor has it the Kenosha Office of The FBI was closed a few years ago uthey were comprised?  Just how big is this cover-up?  Are the FBI and US Attorney involved?  Do they too have brown rings around their necks? Stay tuned?

Friday, June 6, 2014

"Archangels" are correct once again!

In late 2012 “Archangel” Ira Robins submitted an 1100 page sworn affidavit, with 9 DVDs of supporting evidence, to the FBI and US Attorney for the Eastern District of Wisconsin and requested a federal investigation into an extensive pattern and practice of dishonesty by the City of Kenosha, Wisconsin, Police Department. 

In early 2013, Robins submitted additional evidence which included a video of an incident where a Kenosha police officer used his taser on an individual without apparent justification and the Kenosha Police Chief attempted a cover-up of the wrongdoing.

Watch the news video with the chiefs remarks about Robins harassing him with his open records requests and Robins’ response “That he would harass the chief all the way to jail.”

“Archangels” has now learned that the chief has been criminally hiding emails that we have been requesting through open records requests, that the Kenosha city administrator has allegedly illegally been intercepting, copying and/or destroying the emails of others, and that the Chief’s second in command who was also his best friend are now on the outs. Insiders tell us to expect criminal charges and arrests in the near future.  It’s about time.

QUESTIONS: Doesn’t the Chief know that he is not above the law?  Doesn’t he know that his actions might send him to jail?  That he should fear being in prison with inmates his officers put there with their lies?  “Archangels” will keep you posted as, and when, it happens.