Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Archangels of Justice On The Michael Bell Murder Case.

Check out Salvatore E. Rastrelli and Ira B. Robins on this video.  Warm regards to all.

Monday, September 22, 2014

The Martin County (Fla.) Sheriff’s Department Must Love Us Because They Make It So Easy For  Us To Expose Their Screw Ups.

On October 11, 2013 Sgt. Brian Gervais, Martin County (Fla.) Sheriff’s Office, was reviewing Confidential Fund records when he discovered a series of discrepancies within the accounting performed by Sgt. Michael Dougherty, Criminal Investigations Division. 

The first discrepancy involved check #103301, for $752.45 issued to Sgt. Dougherty for the sole purpose of replenishing the confidential funds he was responsible for.  These funds are to be used ONLY for investigative purposes however on 08/28/13 Dougherty deposited that check in his 'overdrawn' personal checking account. Interestingly, he did not account for the funds in the Confidential Funds ledger until 09/16/13. 

The second discrepancy was check number 103739, for $1,170.32, issued to Dougherty on 09/30/13 for the replenishment of confidential informant funds.  He deposited that check into his overdrawn personal checking account on October 8, 2013.

A number of other discrepancies arouse during the internal affairs investigation as to how the Confidential Funds were being spent; restaurant tabs, informants, drug purchases etc, which seemingly had case numbers assigned much later than for when the receipts were recorded.

Sgt. Gervais reported the discrepancies to Internal Investigations Director Anthony Rengeneschi who in turn reported directly to Sheriff William Snyder. Then for some unexplained reason Sheriff Snyder personally contacted the Florida Department of Law Enforcement to conduct a criminal investigation into the matter.

Special Agent Alan Kameg was assigned the case and conducted numerous interviews into the missing money. What gets interesting is how, Lt. Brian Bergen turns over the responsibility of the cash box to Sgt. Dougherty without any formal training, yet tells him to see Lt. Budensiek  from another division to 'instruct' him. Both of these Lt.'s claimed they told Dougherty that the 'money' was never to be used for personal reasons, but did not offer any formal training.

It is a Sergeant’s responsibility to assist in creating budgets which are then sent up the chain of command to Lt.'s, Captains, Directors until approved by the Sheriff.   Even though the Sgt. and the Lt's apparently don’t have the common sense to operate a small expense account they are in charge of complex investigations?

Special Agent Kameg then questioned Dougherty about the checks he deposited into his 'overdrawn account" and about how he finally replaced the missing cash.

Dougherty claimed he did not get any formal training on how to handle the confidential funds, after the task 'was dumped on him.  Dougherty also stated he reviewed the Sheriff's Office policy in place, but it didn't contain any guidance.  It is laughable that a Sergeant running a squad of detectives is not smart enough to balance a cash box which only contains about $1200.00 dollars at its maximum.

When Kameg asked Dougherty how he replaced the missing money, Dougherty claimed he had about $2,000.00 in cash in his car from off duty details.  Kameg followed up with, 'if you had the cash, why did you let your bank account get overdrawn?'

Dougherty then has the audacity to tell Kameg that he was recently divorced and didn't want to
disclose how much money he had in his checking account. Really?????  He deposits the Sheriff's Office money in his account to prevent the overdraft and possible fees?  What is the difference where the money came from that went into his personal bank account?  He obviously had not disclosed on the financial affidavit to the family court his true financial condition.  That is a crime in the State of Florida.  Money in your account is supposed to be declared not hidden from view.

The investigation took about 4 months of taxpayer paid cops and prosecutors to review. Ultimately, Assistant State Attorney Lev Evans was assigned to review the matter by ASA Thomas Bakkadahl.   His long winded, lawyer dissertation stated that Dougherty's sloppy record keeping, his lack of  training, and the fact that Dougherty had replaced the money, meant that the State would not be pursuing any criminal charges for theft.

The criminal 'theft statute' states that temporarily or permanently depriving someone of their property or money is theft.  Also, hiding assets or attempting to do so in family court is a crime in the State of Florida.

Dougherty was eventually given a written reprimand for being careless and irresponsible and notified that he would be punished for future similar occurrences.  It appears that IA Director Anthony Rengeneschi, who had a spotless record with the Miami-Dade Police Department, resigned because he wouldn’t participate in this type of cover-up.

QUESTIONS:  Did you know that the dumber you are the higher you go in the Martin County Sheriff’s Office?  Sheriff Snyder is pretty dumb isn’t he?   Is he so dumb he recently promoted Sgt. Dougherty to Lieutenant?  Is he also so dumb that he recently promoted Lt. Brian Bergen to Captain?  He sure did!  Aren’t both of them certified dumbbells?  Pretty amazing isn’t it?  That stupidity can get you promoted on the MCSD?  Or is it that Captain Bergen supported Snyder for Sheriff?  Or that he just kissed his butt?   Did you know that Sgt/Lt Dougherty is the stepson of a prominent local judge?  What happened to the MCSO policy that when undergoing discipline or internal investigations you cannot be promoted until one year has gone by?  Isn’t it true that ASA Bakadahl contributed to Snyder’s campaign for Sheriff?   Did Snyder Personally call the FDLE to investigate Dougherty and ask them to find that he did not violate the law?   When are you citizens going to get sick of this crap?  Did you know that you can obtain all of the reports and records from the Florida Department of Law Enforcement by requesting copies of their case # EI-06-0025?  

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